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Liquefaction Solutions

Many councils and insurance companies are now identifying large areas of land as at risk of liquefaction. For many land owners it is in the interest of both their property valuation and insurance premiums to prove that their land is not at risk.
Liquefaction induced damage includes:

  • Slope failures
  • Bridge and building foundation failures
  • Flotation of buried structures

Absolute Land Solutions works in conjunction with a team of experienced geotechnical engineers who specialise in determining the degree of risk of liquefaction, and work to provide practical, cost effective solutions to potential issues. Contact us to discuss any issues with your land.

Dynamic Probing – Measuring Ground Strength

Dynamic probes are a cost effective, accurate way of measuring the strength of the ground. Whether you are subdividing, building, or are testing your existing property for ground strength and liquefaction risk, the dynamic probe can reach 5 – 6 metres below ground level, giving the measurements you need to make an accurate judgement of ground strength. They are suitable for light, middle or heavy penetration testing, and can be used over rough terrain when necessary. Absolute Land Solutions works in conjunction with geotechnical engineers to provide you with extensive experience in solving your problems in a cost effective way. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Natural Hazards Engineering

If your property is prone to instability, landslips, erosion, flooding, or has earthquake and liquefaction risks, Absolute Land Solutions works in conjunction with natural hazards engineers and geologists who will work with you to find cost effective solutions to these issues. Contact us to discuss how we can help you overcome issues with your land.

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Pile Foundations

Whether dealing with soft marine soils or strong rocks, Absolute Land Solutions works in conjunction with Geotechnical Engineers to find the best piling solution for the project. Providing valuable advice at the project concept stage and assisting throughout the development of the foundation design, the Geotechnical Engineers offer the full range of investigation, design and construction monitoring services for piling works. Contact us to discuss your needs.